Where to bet on MMA and UFC fights in Canada

Canada meet MMA, MMA meet Canada

Mixed martial arts events, the Ultimate Fighting Challenge and Strikeforce are fast becoming the most bet-on sports events in the world. However, Canadian MMA fans face two big barriers to sharing the fun:

  • An unfamiliar bettting system
  • American betting sites that don’t let Canadians play

This site will help get you over both these hurdles.

MMA Betting in Canada

You may have already tried placing bets on MMA sites only to be told that only folks in the U.S. can bet.

Once you’re done swearing about how unfair this is, listen up: you’re not out of the game yet. A small handful of wagering sites sites are not only open to Canadians, they rely on us and allow us to thrive.

The top two:

Sports Interaction

Sports Interaction occupies Canadian soil with its customer service centre in Montreal. They claim to be the first sportsbook authorized and regulated in North America. They offer high quality service and a site that’s very easy to navigate with loads of betting options including parlay combination bets which let you combine Moneylines, Point Spreads and Totals.

Sports Interaction offers some of the best MMA betting action you’ll find anywhere:

For all UFC events on all fights on the card (undercards included) they offer:
The bout win or lose

Total rounds

Fight outcome

For all UFC events on the fights on the main card they have the three options above, plus:

Method of Victory

When will the Fight end

Will the Fight go the distance

How will the Fight finish

All fights and props can be parlayed (except for undercard events)

Most props will only be available on fight day.

Fight of the Night:
For all major UFC events, they will post odds on ” Fight of the Night ” for each UFC event where one is chosen.

Maximum Bets:
Maximum bets for fights if $1100 USD. Max bets on all props is $220 USD.

Strikeforce and Bellator:
Sports Interaction will have bout win or lose and can be parlayed.

Get started with Sports Interaction




Pinnacle Sports

Pinnacle boasts a track record going back to 1998 and is one of the best places for Canadians to make bets. Funds are available in CDN dollar accounts and they accept all major funding methods.

Free deposits and fast withdrawals, depending on the event they offer some of the best odds and highest betting limits on a wide range of sports, including:

  • Championship Boxing – All Weight Divisions Offered
  • Ultimate Fighting Championship
  • Strikeforce
  • Pride Fighting (we wish!)
  • K-1 Fighting
  • Cage Fighting

Straight Wager Types Available:

  • Moneyline
  • Total Rounds

Future Wagering Available:

  • Odds to Win

Proposition Bets Available:

  • Winner by KO, TKO, DQ
  • Winner by Decision
  • Draw

Games with Proposition Bets Available:

  • Championship Fights
  • Pay-per-Views

Minimum/Maximum Stake Amount:

  • The minimum bet at Pinnacle Sports is $1 USD or the equivalent in your local currency. Unlike the standard minimum wager limit, the maximum limit per bet may vary depending on the particular sport, type of bet offered and the time relative to the start of the event. In general, the limits will typically increase closer to the start of the event with the highest maximum limits available on the day of the event.

On top of this, Pinnacle does not accept US clients, so your account is treated with much more of a personal touch. I highly recommend checking them out, taking a look at their odds and judging for yourself.

Check out Pinnacle Sports