On Saturday evening at UFC 211, Dustin Poirier was well on his way to the biggest win of his MMA career before some unfortunate circumstances intervened. In his fight with former UFC lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez, Poirier had won the first round and badly hurt Alvarez in the second round before being kneed illegally in the head multiple times by Alvarez. The fight was stopped as a result of the knees and referee Herb Dean ruled the bout a no-contest.

Yesterday, Poirier went on The Luke Thomas Show where he spoke about the fight, how he felt about his performance, and what happened with the stoppage.

“I wasn’t really sure but I knew that I was having trouble seeing out of my left eye and the doctor thought maybe there was a potential orbital fracture. They asked me how I felt and I said I felt pressure pushing under my left eye which was what I felt. Then they decided to not let the fight continue and I didn’t know what was going to happen. I had no clue.

“I think Herb… I don’t know, man. I’m not a referee. I’m just bitter about the whole situation. I was having a great performance, I had a great camp, I was beating the former world champion. I was gonna beat him. I was on my way to really shining and showing the world the type of fighter I am and it’s all been tarnished by this whole thing.”

The no-contest ruling was unsatisfying conclusion for all parties involved and many feel that Alvarez should have been disqualified for landing multiple illegal blows that caused the end of the bout. Referee Herb Dean stands by his decision to rule the bout a no-contest but Poirier’s management said he intends to appeal the ruling with the Texas Athletic Commission. In the interview, Poirier confirmed that he was appealing but he says the only reason he is doing so is to get the win bonus he was denied since the bout ended as a no-contest.

“It’s just a messed up situation. I was in the zone, I was on rhythm, I had his timing, his range, and I don’t even care about the decision, about the no-contest or any of that. That’s here nor there. I don’t care if I have a win on my record or a no-contest on the end of my record. I don’t care about none of that. I just want my money and I want a rematch.

“I’m not trying to get a free win by chasing an overturn, I just want my compensation, my full purse which I feel like I earned and was on my way to earning and it got taken away by somebody else’s call. I feel like that shouldn’t be able to happen. It’s one thing if I lose the fight or it’s another thing if I do something that’s on my own terms that makes me lose the money or win the money but when somebody else steps in after I’ve done eight weeks of training . . . This is my family’s money. This full purse is my daughter’s college fund. This is my retirement money, the other half of this purse. A lot goes into this and I was gonna earn that money.

“That’s the sole effort. If I can just get some money and get a rematch, we can drop it at that. Let’s just run it back, I don’t care. This has nothing to do with getting a win or getting a no-contest on my record overturned. This has everything to do about being compensated.”

As it stands, the no-contest ruling looks to be a costly one for Poirier who confirmed that his win bonus is set to be the same as his show money. Though salaries have yet to be released for this event, at his last fight at UFC 208, Poirier took home ,000 to show and another ,000 for his win so it is likely that “The Diamond” missed out on a similar or even greater amount. Poirier says that he texted UFC matchmaker Sean Shelby but that he hasn’t heard “anything from anybody about any money” with regard to the situation but that he is heading to the upcoming UFC fighter summit in Las Vegas where he intends to meet with the UFC to figure out what’s next. He would like to run the Alvarez fight back, but that if the UFC has other plans, he’s okay with that so long as he’s treated in the manner he would be had he won the Alvarez fight.

“I want that win on my record. He’s a former world champion and I was on my way to beating him and I know I can beat him so I want that. He’s No. 3. That’s what that does for my career unless we got something else down the line we can get worked out, another big fight. Give me the fight that I would have got if I’d have won this one then if we’re not gonna remake the fight.”


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This situation is ridiculous. So basically no one will ever get DQed unless a fighter is actual Snidely Whiplash according to Herb? I would love to see this argument used in other sports. “Well ref, even though I went cleats up and spiked that guy’s knee, I didn’t mean to tackle the player. I meant to get the ball so no red card is necessary.” No sir I didn’t mean to push that wide receiver in the end zone and stop the touchdown, I was just trying to make a play, so really there’s no need for a flag.

It’s really not hard. Eddie did an illegal thing. The illegal thing ended the bout. Eddie is at fault. Why should Eddie not bear the consequences of that fault? Dustin certainly isn’t at fault. Eddie didn’t have to throw a knee there and this isn’t a crime, it’s a sport. There’s no need for a mens rea analysis here. So, because it gives us bad feelies to hold someone accountable for their actions in a fistfight, an innocent, aggrieved party gets boned? What is the possible logic behind that?

No Contests should be reserved for when neither fighter has fault. We both shoot for takedowns and our heads collided, opening a fight ending cut? No Contest. The cage breaks during a takedown attempt and we fall to the floor, knocking on fighter out? No Contest. One fighter does something against the rules and by virtue of that illegal thing the fight ends? Sucks to be you but you did the illegal thing and the other person didn’t.

That’s all for today folks. Happy Tuesday and see y’all tomorrow.

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