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25 Responses to CHAEL SONNEN OWNS MICHAEL LANDSBERG Dean Blundell Show

  1. Quinno77 says:

    haha one chael is not light heay weight, and hes not champion. the guy is brilliant all the same.

  2. hustlerman5 says:

    Michael Landsberg has no clue of the mind set of a fighter

  3. DzekoSucks says:

    1 minute in theyre talking about how Sonnen is either the heavyweight or light heavyweight champion in the UFC… ya im done watching this LOL

  4. DzekoSucks says:

    Sonnen got trolled hard by Landsberg hahaha

  5. mikebrisebois says:

    It is pronounced Kale. He even said so.

    Hahaha 1:05, would you beat him if you fought him? Then he side sucks and tounge flicks his finger like it’s his bfriends cock! Hahaha. He’s getting turned on by this argument!

  6. lordofkronos says:

    its chhh chhhhhhh chhhhhhhhhhhale sonnen not KALE. idiots

  7. zodiacair says:

    @bareknuckles2u 3 million listeners daily.

  8. bareknuckles2u says:

    @zodiacair You made the claim, you should provide the evidence. Since you can’t, or won’t , you are just wasting everybodies time. I know why fucktards like you keep hiding from providing evidence…because you don’t have it! You call people names, you make up bogus claims without backing them up with substantiated evidence, you equivocate, make appeals to imaginary consensus and authority; all hallmarks of someone who can’t back up his claim…what a joke!

  9. zodiacair says:

    @bareknuckles2u I gave you the numbers. You don’t believe me? Look them up. Or would you like me to hold your hand while you do that?

    By the way, I take no pleasure in debating a silly little fact with someone as witless as you. Later dipshit.

  10. bareknuckles2u says:

    @zodiacair Oh man, now your making an appeal to authority (probably imagined). There is nothing difficult to comprehend. Where are your facts? You have only provided some speculation. If you show the evidence, then fine. Otherwise, shut your pie hole!
    BTW, this is getting boring, and probably annoying for the other youtubers.

  11. zodiacair says:

    @bareknuckles2u I work for Corus Entertainment. I deal with statistical data everyday. Again, I was simply giving you some facts but you obviously can’t comprehend them. Time to dust off the barren space inside your head between your ears. Maybe consulting a doctor for ADD may also be a good idea.

  12. bareknuckles2u says:

    @zodiacair Holy shit, dude, your reasoning is retarded! By the way, you haven’t provided any facts, only your own speculation based on reasoning and estimates. You haven’t provided one shred of substantiated evidence. Zzzzzzzzzzz!

  13. zodiacair says:

    @bareknuckles2u I explained the number of daily listeners the DBS show. That fact was obviously difficult for you to understand. I’m sure it is easy going through life being dumb like you, after all, you’re the one who said “I don’t give a shit!”.

  14. bareknuckles2u says:

    @canjrs totally agree with you

  15. bareknuckles2u says:

    @zodiacair What facts? Where are they? But beyond that, who fuckin’ cares? Jealous of what? What the fuck are you talking about you idiot? I personally don’t give a shit!

  16. zackhanscom says:

    @Quinno77 it’s called humor and irony.

  17. Quinno77 says:

    I love chael but hes not champion. duhhhhh

  18. canjrs says:

    The guy on the radio show laughing in the back round is annoying…you can tell it is fake evil laugh..hahahahaha…what an idiot.

  19. zodiacair says:

    @bareknuckles2u Just stating the facts dude. Why you’re jealous of the facts is something you’ll have to figure out.

  20. bareknuckles2u says:

    @zodiacair Likelihood is that it is less! What “facts” are you talking about? Why would I care to be in “denial’ over something so fuckin’ trivial as this? Get over it, goof!

  21. hfx1990 says:

    @MrChingchongchee Did you read my comment correctly or do have some sort of illiteracy? I had stated that the person commenting in this video (who clearly knows Micheal Landsberg) is an idiot.

    Did I say everyone knew who Landsberg was? No…

    Chael Sonnen just sounds like an idiot in this interview and its embarrassing. Micheal Landsberg does what he does best in this interview, and throws Sonnen off his rocker. Not to mention that half of what Micheal Landsberg says is cut out…

  22. zodiacair says:

    @bareknuckles2u 3 million listeners is a conservative figure. Likelihood is actually more.

    Give up your denial and face the facts.

  23. MrChingchongchee says:

    @hfx1990 Yeah, you’re right.

    Because everybody around the world knows who Michael Landsberg is.

    LOL what a fucking joke.

  24. hfx1990 says:

    the guy talking in this video is an idiot…just a landsberg hater that saw an opportunity to hate on him and failed lol.

  25. dlock12 says:

    lol chael was screwing with them. no doubt he took talking to dean as a big joke

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