Toronto Muay Thai Kickboxing Club

TKMT is doing more than just getting it’s students in shape.

Amar Singh Toronto BJJ 154lbs Blue – Gold Medal

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6 Responses to Toronto Muay Thai Kickboxing Club

  1. kokakreck says:

    best jym in toronto

  2. icecreamforlunch says:

    Did you move up in weight from 140lbs?

  3. JonWow says:

    oh, and not to be a hater. good job on the finals. its a shame that the fight couldn’t have a proper ending. but that guy shouldn’t have been DQd

  4. JonWow says:

    DAMN YOU AMAR!!! (This is JonLau :p)

    Next time 🙂

  5. bmwm3r1 says:

    Great job brother

  6. newaza2boddha says:

    nice job Amar , nice job

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